Strip Outs

Many lease agreements will require a ‘make good’ standard upon handover. This means removing all redundant fixtures and installations that are not required by the new tenant. Some of these lease agreements will also have a mandatory list of items that must be removed.

With a strip out you can start with a clean slate and have full control over the new space you want to create. .

After everything is removed, we make sure the entire space is thoroughly cleaned and ready to be transformed into something new. Our quality service means you do not have to lift a finger, you can sit back and relax while we do all the hard lifting!

Our services are designed to provide the most comprehensive strip out so that you don’t need to waste any time and money on a combination of providers. We supply strip outs to any structure in any area whether it be a residential, commercial or in an industrial space.

Our strip out services include:

  • End of lease strip outs
  • Office strip outs
  • Commercial strip outs
  • Demolition strip outs
  • Warehouse strip outs
  • Cafe strip outs
  • Shop strip outs
  • House strip outs
  • Toilet strip outs
  • Flooring Removal (Tiles, Carpet, Vinyl)